Back in 1994, Savitaben had no clue what her dairy shop 'Patel' would evolve into decades later. She had started the dairy shop to feed her family but with utmost care to the quality of their dairy products Patel Dairy eventually grew into the most trusted dairy shop in the neighborhood.

Among other products of 'Patel Dairy' their 'Chaas' i.e 'buttermilk' was incredibly popular. While other products of 'Patel Dairy' were high-in-demand. 'Chaas' had exponentially grown in demand. When Savitaben's son Jatin Patel took the charge of her dairy business in 2015 he noticed it and decide to open a dedicated franchise for buttermilk & derivative dairy products.

Started in 2015 with a mission to make more & more people consume a healthier alternative to soft drinks usually available at costlier prices. 'Chhaswala' has successfully grown into a customer-centric health-drink brand & our branches are proof that people have loved us.

Producing more than 4000 liters of buttermilk & gigantic amount of other dairy derivative freshly everyday 'Chhaswala' provides Buttermilk, Curd, Lassi, Rabdi & more than a dozen tastier, healthier dairy products at minimum viable price with utmost care to quality. And we promise to get only bigger & better with time.